The Naarah Sheehan Award recipient for 2018 is Freyjah Maddern from Ulverstone High School. Freyjah began her association with the Ulverstone Repertory Theatre Society as an usher for our Leven Theatre Productions.

At first she was a timid girl, quiet and un- assuming. However, Freyjah developed a love for theatre and was successful in auditioning for parts in our junior productions of Aladdin, Fame, and Sleeping Beauty. Freyjah played the grand role of Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty, our 2017 junior production.

Over the last 4 years Freyjah has blossomed  into a confident and delightful young woman. Her most recent role in the Ulverstone High School production was the Pirate Queen in the play of the same name.

Naarah Sheehan was a former pupil at this school and was an outstanding drama student. Naarah joined the Ulverstone Repertory Theatre Society to further develop her love of drama. In 1996 the members of the Ulverstone Repertory Theatre Society, were stunned when at the age of 18 years Naarah was suddenly and tragically killed in a vehicle accident while training with the army reserves in the south of the state. With this award, we will honour and respect the memory of a beautiful young life.

We congratulate Freyjah on receiving this coveted award.
This is your chance to shine as did Naarah!

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