Ulverstone Repertory Theatre Society is proud to share in this exciting project of Michelle Best who is  providing us with the opportunity to see her work in action.

Louisa May and Jane is a domestic comedy/drama which is set in modern day Australia. It explores several ideas and themes including mental health, the pressures of modern day living, relationships, education, love but probably its’ major theme is the power of friendship to support and connect with others through times of need. Michelle Best originally workshopped Louisa May and Jane in 2015. This version is the result of significant rewriting following that workshop.


A prepared script reading is a unique opportunity for a writer and theatre loving audience alike to hear the words on a page start to come to life. 

The afternoon will be listening to the latest version of the script written by Michelle and read aloud (as opposed to performed) by four actresses with some prior preparation and workshopping. This is the first step towards the “page to stage” process. 

At the conclusion of the reading, there will be wine and nibbles while Michelle leads a discussion/question time where audience and performers alike can respond to the script. 

Performed by Karen Beattie, Andrea Harding, Jane-Inglis-Smith and Carina Cooper.


Saturday 15th September 2018


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