Bondi Legal – meet the plaintiff, meet the defence, meet all the quirky witnesses.


Frank Bailey – the loud-mouthed, aggressive proprietor of a Bondi legal firm.
File notes? He hasn’t got time for notes!

Brad Pitt – Is he a man or a mouse? Is his name really Brad Pitt? Can he win his first real case against a corporate giant?

Frances Denyer – ala Erin Brockovich. A mother seeking justice for her daughter.

Simone Crookwell – A rottweiler with a law degree. She will crush anyone in her way!

Magistrate Newman – This no-nonsense lady will have order in her court! She is stern, serious and wears a permanent scowl.

Dr Karen Nash – a regular Dr Dolittle, this first witness is not easily ruffled.

Prof. Von Schlesser – Ach du liebe! This chemistry Professor is an overly cautious and deeply suspicious witness. But why?

Dr Gavin Roberts – Australia’s leading equine dermatologist. Is the plaintiff’s lawyer any match for his over confidence and pomposity?

Director of animal research at foggy bottom farms.


BONDI LEGAL will see the Old Ulverstone Courthouse back in session …
8pm sharp!
July 20, 21, 26, 27, 28
August 3, 4 

Get your admission to the public gallery.

Tickets: $20.00/$18.00 concession
Bookings: Ulverstone Visitor Information Centre 6425 2839
(On sale June 22nd)

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