Brad Pitt comes to Ulverstone!

Imagine going through life with the celebrity name of Brad Pitt and being a dead ringer for the
Hollywood superstar!

See for yourself.

Such is the lot of Sydney lawyer, Brad Pitt, played by Christopher Bradshaw in BONDI LEGAL, a zany comedy written by Tony Laumberg and directed by Eddie Roberts, opening July 20th at the Old Ulverstone Courthouse.

BONDI LEGAL, based on a true story, tells the tale of a teenage girl and her mother Frances, played by Janine McCullough, who take on the might of big business with the help of Brad Pitt!

Frances sues a chemical company after her daughter’s prized show pony is ravaged by a dodgy grooming product. Frances’ only hope of justice is Brad Pitt, a neurotic conveyancing solicitor without any litigation experience, who is reluctantly thrust into the case at the last minute. What follows is a nail-biting, fish-out-of-water comedy / drama you will never forget!

How do our heroes take on the limitless resources of a corporate heavyweight and its formidable legal team. A clue – as a last resort, Frances – a life coach, delves into her repertoire of therapies. Does it work?

Come see this ‘Pony Tale’ and find out!

This is an inspiring, wild and wacky story that proves beyond all reasonable doubt that it’s never too late to realise your full potential and provide justice for all.

Ticket Sales Will Be Announced Soon.

BONDI LEGAL plays the Old Ulverstone Courthouse
At 8PM
July 20, 21, 26, 27, 28
August 3, 4


BONDI LEGAL written by Tony Laumberg
Directed by Eddie Roberts, and Produced by Melissa Budgeon.
Starring: Christopher Bradshaw, Andrea Harding, Janine McCullough, Dave Hingston, Karen Beattie, Thom Goodwin, Donna Allen and Shane Cleaver

Tickets: $20.00/$18.00 concession.
Bookings: Ulverstone Information Centre Tel 6425 2839

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