Announcing the cast of Get Smart


Maxwell Smart: Shane Cleaver

Agent 99: Libby Dobson

Chief: Eddie Roberts

Agent 44: Brendan Cooper

Hodgkins: Rodney O’Rourke

Agent 13: Kynan Harvey

Miss Finch: Janine McCullough


Mr Big: Tim Cooper

Garth: Max O’Leary

Mary Wong: Carly Creedon

Shirley Wong: Janet Harris

Betsy Wong: Melissa Budgeon

Professor Dante: David Dry

Professor Zalinka: Jo Bouma

Princess Ingrid: Bec Morris


Ann: Jordan Kempton

Laura: Siobhan Brown

Big Sister: Siobhan Brown

Little Brother: Fraser Perry

Man: Rick Day

Woman: Heather Ward

Students: Helen: Jordan Kempton

Myra: Siobhan Brown

Jane: Bec Morris

Fred: Caleb Durant


Show Dates

August 16, 17, 23, 24, 25*, 30, 31
* Matinee
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